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With the completion and development of Max Pharmacy Laboratory, on 1963 Max Pharmaceutical Company was established in Tehran, Sattar Khan St. – Shahrara.

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Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company was established in December 1962 under the name of Max Co. in Shahrara St., Tehran. In 1986, while expanding its activities and products, it was renamed Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company. In 1996, with the development of production lines and products, it was transferred to 9 km of Karaj special road.

Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company is located on a land with an area of ​​24,000 square meters and has 3 separate buildings in operation with production and office use. The production unit has been constructed in an area of ​​7000 square meters in 2 floors and all the production lines of this company include making all kinds of pills, capsules, syrups, oral drops, ointments, sprays and oral antibiotics in accordance with GMP rules.

The company, with the cooperation and assistance of its group members, including Eltiam Distribution , Kimia Asar Salamat Co., Kharazmi Plasma Company has completed the supply chain as well as products.

Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company, following the WHO rules and GMP regulations, was able to establish its name as one of the reputable companies in the pharmaceutical industry in a short period of time and currently produces about 150 items of various drugs.

The production units of this company include the following sections:

  • Complete line for making and filling syrups
  • Complete line for making and filling edible drops
  • Complete line of tablet granulation
  • Complete line of tablet presses
  • Complete tablet packaging line
  • Complete line of topical spray solution
  • Complete line of capsule filling and capsule counter
  • Manufacturing and packaging of oral antibiotics
  • Topical ointment making and filling section

Kharazmi co. is proud that in the past years it has been able to renovate all parts of its production department and reach a very desirable quality level by creating clean spaces. This company has been able to play a significant role in improving the quality of production processes, including the production of pharmaceutical water (PW) and production air (HVAC) and suitable production space, etc., by modifying the utilities related to production devices and providing relevant documents. (Q, OQ-IQ-SOP) pave the way for meeting GMP requirements in this area.
Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company is one of the largest suppliers of pediatric oral supplements in Iran, so that it provides a major share of the needs of health centers and thus fulfills part of the mission of ensuring the health of children in the community. The company is also one of the largest producers of syrups in Iran and in its medium-term strategy, seeks to upgrade to the level of the first and largest producer of liquids.
Quality in raw materials and proper supervision of production and proper packaging have made Kharazmi Company’s pharmaceutical products widely exported. Also, the establishment and operation of production units for biotechnology and anti-cancer products is on the company’s agenda.