Oncology webinar was held with professors of Shariati and Imam Khomeini hospitals

Oncology webinar with professors of Shariati Hospital and Imam Khomeini Hospital of Tehran was held at the factory of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company focusing on the challenges of treatment with “Imanitib”.

In this webinar, which was held with the participation of professors from Shariati Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital and Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company, the challenges of Imatinib treatment were discussed.

imatibine mesilate is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor. It is prescribed as a mesylate, but the doses given are based on the basis. 119.5 mg of mesylate form is approximately equivalent to 100 mg of matinibib. In the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia, patients in the chronic phase are given orally equivalent to 400 mg per day, which can be increased to 600 mg if needed, and in the severe phase of the disease, a dose of 600 mg per day is given, which is 400 mg if needed. Can be increased 2 times a day. Children over 3 years of age are given a dose of 260 mg / m / day up to a maximum of 400 mg in the chronic phase and 340 mg / m3 up to a maximum of 600 mg in the advanced phase. In the treatment of malignant metastatic or non-surgical gastrointestinal tumors, a dose of 400 or 600 mg per day is recommended. Prescription doses should be taken with food and with plenty of fluids to minimize gastrointestinal upset. Dose adjustment is required in case of hepatotoxicity and myeloid inhibition. Blood cell counts and liver function should be monitored regularly.

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