Sales Department of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company is working full time in a professional level by cooperation of well-trained and educated personnel.

This department uses short-term and long-term strategies by determining the ranges of sales, sales objectives and production of performance improvement solutions to help organization macro strategies. This department utilizes the analysis of sales statistics to determine sales potential, necessary inventory levels of products and monitor the preferences of customers.


The major activities performed in sales department are as below:

  • Contracts with drug distribution companies
  • Analysis of sales statistics
  • Planning on sale
  • Determining discount rate pricing plan
  • Planning for training of sales staff
  • Preparing sales budgets and determining department costs
  • Constant relation with customers
  • Delivery of ordered products based on the market regular strategies to distribution companies
  • Determining sales strategies in dealing with marketing strategies
  • Planning the sales and delivery of products to each of the distribution companies and monitoring the achievement of defined plans as well as proving financial commitment that is resulted from the method of sales