Kharazmi at a Glance:

Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company founded in 1963 under the name of Max and in line with company's development plan, the name was changed to Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company and the location was moved from inside the city to the West of Tehran in the suburbs of 9th Km of Karaj Special Road.

The Company covers a land area of 24000 sq.m. with two separate buildings, one allocated to administration and the other to manufacturing and laboratory.

Manufacturing department is located on a 7000 sq.m. land in a 2-floor building. All manufacturing departments of the company comply with GMP guidelines for manufacturing of tablets, capsules, syrups, oral drops, ointments, sprays and oral antibiotics.

Conforming to company's development plans in the fields of producing various products and increasing production lines together with developing R&D & QC departments, a building of 1200 sq.m. in 3 floors is under construction.

Cooperating closely with affiliates like Eltiam Distribution Company, Kimia Asal Salamt Company and Kharazmi Plasma Company, Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company has taken measure for completing supply chain.

About us:

Complying with WHO guidelines and latest GMP standards, Kharazmi has been able to present itself as one of the key players within the pharmaceutical industry in Iran and currently manufactures over 90 products in various forms and therapeutic categories.

The production lines of the company are as follows:

 3 Complete lines for manufacture and filling of syrups 
 2 Complete lines for manufacture and filling of oral drops 

 5 complete lines for tablet granulation

 7 complete line of tablet pressing

 6 complete lines of tablet packaging

 1 Complete line of tropical spray solution

 1 Complete lines for filling of capsules & capsule counter

 1 Complete lines for manufacturing and packaging of oral antibiotics

 1 Complete lines for manufacturing and filling of tropical ointments


Kharazmi pharmaceutical company is proud of being able to complete refurbishment of its production facilities within the last 3 years and has customized its cleanroom areas towards reaching a desired level.

Working with experienced and qualified technical and engineering personnel, the company has been able to play a significant role in upgrading its utilities (Pharmaceutical water production (PW), HVAC and Production equipment,) and by presenting respective documentation for IQ, OQ and SOP's, has been able to pave the way for achieving GMP requirements.

Kharazmi pharmaceutical company is one of the biggest manufacturers of kid's oral drops in Iran and has the main share for the supply of these products in health centers ensuring its devotion to the children's health at early ages. The company is also a main manufacturer of syrups within in the country and in its medium term strategy is looking forward to being as the first and biggest liquid manufacturers in Iran.

The quality of products together with accurate supervision on the proper packaging has opened export markets for the company.

Knowing the prominent role of quality management in pharmaceutical industry, for manufacturing medications in compliance with GMP requirements and effective presence in national and international competitor markets, the company established quality assurance department as one of the key players in company structure in 2011.

To guarantee the quality of medications, the QA department is in charge of organizing documentation, validating production processes, checking out production machinery and operating systems, evaluating API suppliers, in-house inspections and finally managing product complaints and recalls.

As part of future vision development plans, the company is investing in building production facilities for Oncology and Biotech products.