Kharazmi's R&D department focuses on formulation and design new productions as well as analyzing the properties of Kharazmi's productions in order to improve the quality of medicines and supplements.

Kharazmi pharmaceutical company produces a wide range of high quality medicines. To achieve this level of quality, the role of R&D expert staff and close cooperation with universities and research companies are highlighted. Access to the most updated resources and laboratory equipment are also of paramount importance.

Kharazmi's R&D department, concentrates on developing the most efficient and effective formulations for antidiabetics, lipid level modifiers, antidepressants, analgesics, CNS medicines and GI medicines.

Natural and herbal medicines are also designed and formulated in this department. These medicines are effective in treatment and preventing obesity, skin burn treatment and GI disorders treatment.

Furthermore, since Kharazmi produces pediatric supplements and medicines, R&D department continuously improves the taste, color and physicochemical characterizations of pediatric productions in order to improve patient compliance.


Cycle of research and development in Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company


R&D department consists of three main parts:

·         Formulation department

·         Analytical department

·         Documentation department


1-      Formulation department

In this department, formulations are designed using the most updated pharmaceutical references and technology. API, excipients, packaging materials and the most appropriate dosage form are discussed and identified in this department. Executive phase follows approval of the formulation. Analysis including In-vitro analysis and stability studies are performed by this department as well.

A wide range of dosage forms including liquids, solids, semi-solids and sprays are formulated in this department.


2-      Analytical department

All analytical tests are performed in this department based on USP, BP, EP and validated analytical methods. To perform analytical tests, following equipment are used in this department; Spectrophotometer, HPLC, Disintegration Tester, Dissolution Tester, UV/Visible …

3-      Documentation department

Technical documents such as ICH-CTD are prepared in this department.